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Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

Once you’ve had your St Augustine pool for a few years, you may notice that the pool deck resurfacing begins to look worn and tired.  
If your pool deck is bare concrete, stains, constant water and the weather elements can damage and age the surface, making it look worn out.
If there are cracks, water will soak through them and create further damage to your concrete, if not your entire pool system.

In most cases these are just cosmetic imperfections which can easily be resolved with an affordable pool deck resurfacing.

At Floor Grip Medic LLC we have the right solution for your Jacksonville pool deck resurfacing project.
Our pool deck resurfacing applications are one of the most durable in the industry. We use a liquid polyurethane rubber like coating that penetrates deeply into and will bond permanently to properly prepared concrete. Our product will never peel or delaminate from exposure to extremes of ambient heat up to 250°F or Negative Hydrostatic Pressure. This concrete coating is proven to be durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain.
It penetrates into your pool deck creating a solid bond.

Combined with our extensive pool deck preparation, our deck coating is guaranteed to never peel or delaminate.

It comes in a variety of colors or flake finishes to match with your exterior. Our pool deck coatings are ideal for Jacksonville residential homes or commercial properties such as hotels, resorts, aquaparks and sports centers.

Pool Deck Concrete Coating Jacksonville Fl

Benefits Of Pool Deck Resurfacing

Swimming pools provide the ultimate entertainment space and can have a huge impact on a property’s appeal. With all the benefits that come with concrete floor coatings, investing in resurfacing your pool deck will save you money, make it look new again and improve safety for you and your family.


Improves the deck

Our concrete coatings never harden or become brittle. Instead they maintain their flexibility and become stronger with age. As it deeply penetrates the surface, it strengthens any weak concrete or joints, preventing it from detachment. Our concrete coatings also has a high heat resistance which makes it suitable for all types of weather.

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Cost effective

A lot of pool decks’ foundations and underlying structural material can be reused as long as its surface is mostly still intact. Resurfacing with an concrete coating is an affordable solution to avoid replacing your whole pool deck.

Increases Safety

Every floor, when exposed to water can become slippery. After years of use, your pool deck can weaken due to water damage and earth movements. It may also lose its anti-slip properties which is dangerous for anyone using the pool. Resurfacing with a concrete coating (which includes anti-slip) will improve the safety of your deck.

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Easy to maintain

Our concrete coatings are waterproof which makes it impossible for water and dirt to get under the surface. This makes our concrete coatings extremely easy to clean and maintain. A stiff bristle brush with some light detergent and a rinse can be enough if done regularly.


Easier on bare feet

Brick, concrete and other materials can quickly soak up the sun’s rays. Concrete coatings on the other hand is made to reduce the absorption of heat. The surface stays cooler to the touch, making it more comfortable to walk across in bare feet.


Improves appearance

If your once smooth pool deck has transformed into something undesirable due to the elements it has been exposed to then you need to resurface it and bring it back to life. With our concrete coatings, your Jacksonville pool deck will look brand new again and finished in a color of your choice.

How We Resurface Pool Deck Concrete

Your pool deck works hard under the Florida sun, this is why protecting it against damage, stains and deterioration is critical for the longevity of the surface.

Our most common application for pool deck resurfacing is liquid polyurethane coating which can be combined with vinyl flake chips for a more decorative finish.

We offer 2 different installation options to suit all budgets.

Platinum Package Flake System

15-year limited warranty
against peeling or delaminating.
3 layered floor system.
2 day process.

  • Mechanical Diamond Grind/Sand flat areas to remove dirt, old paint, stains and open pores so product can adhere.
  • Repair and fill all cracks and holes.
  • Apply our Super Bonding Perma-Flex Base Coat to further reinforce bonding.
  • Broad-Cast Colored Flakes into Coating.
  • Apply Polyaspartic top coat Sealer for added UV protection and additional durability.
  • Aluminum oxide grit added for additional traction.

Heavy Duty Textured Slip-Resistant Concrete Coating System

25-year limited warranty
against peeling or delaminating.
4 layered floor system.
1-4 day process.

  • Mechanically Diamond Grind/Sand flat areas to remove dirt, old paint, stains and open pores so product can adhere.
  • Repair and fill all cracks and holes.
  • Apply 1 Coat of Super Bonding Polyurethane Base Coat (Layer #1)
  • Manually Broadcast rubber granules into basecoat until rejection (Layer #2)
  • Apply our LRB Liquid Rubber Membrane for additional thickness and waterproofing protection (Layer#3)
  • Apply Colored top coat Sealer for added UV protection and additional durability (Layer #4)
  • Aluminum oxide grit added for additional traction.

Color Solutions

Choose from a range of decorative chip flakes to match your exterior and boost your property value.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, Check out our license and insurance here
Do you offer financing?
How many color choices do you offer?
About 12-15
Is the product water proof?
Is the coating slippery?
Legally we cannot say it’s anti-slip, however, we do add an agent to the final coat to add additional traction , Especially in wet areas such as pool decks.
How long does it take to install the product?
Usually 1 to 3 days, weather permitting.
Will my coating get hot from the sun?
Although the coating has properties to help  disperse the heat, like any coating it will retain some heat.
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes we do, we offer up to a lifetime warranty depending the application method and  product line.
Is the warranty transferable?
It is not
Why is your pricing less than your competitors?
Unlike most of our competitors, we are a family owned and operated business, and we do not carry the expenses or overhead most companies carry. We own all of our equipment which also helps reduce our monthly overhead. Finally, we deal directly with the manufacturer and pass that savings on to you the customer.
How far are you booked out?
We can usually schedule you within 2 to 3 weeks.
How soon can I walk on my new coating?
24 hours before you can walk on it, or put items back. If you are parking a car on the coating we ask that you wait at least 4 to 5 days.
Is it easy to clean?
Yes, you can do a light pressure wash, sweep, mop or simply hose down with a light detergent.
Is your product UV stable?
How does it hold up against chemicals?
Our coating is impervious to most chemicals, gasoline, oil, etc.
Can you tell me a little bit more about the coating itself?
Yes, This is not Epoxy, Polyaspartic, or polyurea, Our coating has a 30 year track period and is also used for various industrial and marine applications. It’s a 1 part, thick, liquid rubber "ULTRA ADHESIVE" paint-like coating. Two of the most important qualities of our  liquid rubber coating are flexible penetration technology and elongation memory, meaning that it stretches and returns to it's original size and shape when your concrete expands and contracts. It will permanently bond to the concrete surface and will not peel or delaminate from your concrete surface. It can handle exposure to extreme heat up to 250°F and Negative Hydrostatic Pressure. Our liquid rubber coating is environmentally safe, waterproof, solvent free, non-flammable, and low VOC. Its extremely durable with 2,030 psi tensile strength.
What is the next step to book an Appointment?  Initially require a 30% deposit which can be made by credit card or check. An electronic invoice will be sent over detailing all of your information. You can also call Robert at 904-441-1400 to discuss any additional questions you may have

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