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Patio Floor Coating In St Augustine

What is Patio Coating?

With daily exposure to the elements in St Augustine your outdoor surfaces face a tough test.
Water, erosion and failed drainage can quickly degrade the condition of your Jacksonville concrete patio.
Cracks, stains, chips and age can also contribute to a tired looking outdoor surface.

A cracked patio not only allows weeds and grass to grow through but also is subject to water penetrating the surface and potentially damaging your Jacksonville home foundations.

With Floor Grip Medic LLC you can bring a seamless finish to your outdoor areas where the concrete may be mismatched or damaged. With our concrete coatings and effective preparation, you can say goodbye to the 'add ons' of new and old concrete on your paths and patios.

With a wide range of vinyl chip blends, our outdoor concrete coatings are ideal for any Jacksonville home or commercial property such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and retail spaces.

Patio Concrete Coating In Jacksonville FL

Why you should coat your outdoor patio and Lanai?

Our decorative concrete coatings are designed to make your St Augustine, FL concrete patios more durable and pleasing to the eye, while saving you time, energy and money to clean and maintain them.


Our liquid polyurethane rubber like coatings are designed to never harden or become brittle. They maintain their flexibility and become stronger with age. As they penetrate the concrete surface, they strengthen any weak concrete and protect it from damage.

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Every outdoor surface can become slippery when exposed to water. This is why we incorporate aluminum oxide into the top-coat as an anti-slip enhancement.

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Easy to clean

Our concrete coatings are waterproof which makes it impossible for water and dirt to get under the surface. This makes our concrete coatings extremely easy to clean and maintain. A stiff bristle brush with some light detergent and a rinse can be enough if done regularly.

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Budget friendly

Resurfacing your Jacksonville patio is a lot more cost effective than replacing it. It is quick, less time consuming and you can get back to using your patio much faster than when pouring new concrete.

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Weather and UV resistant

Our topcoats are designed to be weather, waterproof and UV resistant, protecting your outdoor surfaces from the Florida weather, by preventing color discoloration and further damage to your sub concrete.


Modern Look

Our concrete coatings come in a variety of decorative finishes to match any exterior.

How We Install Patio And Lanai Concrete Coatings?

Your patio concrete floors can take on a lot of abuse, this is why improving the floor surface and protecting it against stains and deterioration is critical for the longevity of the floor.
Our most common applications for outdoor concrete floors is liquid polyurethane coating which can be combined with vinyl flake chips for a more decorative finish.

This dynamic concrete coating is a liquid polyurethane that penetrates into the floor surface. It will never peel or delaminate from your concrete surface. It is environmentally safe, solvent free, non-flammable and low VOC.

We offer 2 different installation packages, to suit all budgets.

Platinum Package Flake System

15-year limited warranty
against peeling or delaminating.
3 layered floor system.
2 day process.

  • Mechanical Diamond Grind/Sand flat areas to remove dirt, old paint, stains and open pores so product can adhere.
  • Repair and fill all cracks and holes.
  • Apply our Super Bonding Perma-Flex Base Coat to further reinforce bonding.
  • Broad-Cast Colored Flakes into Coating.
  • Apply Polyaspartic top coat Sealer for added UV protection and additional durability.
  • Aluminum oxide grit added for additional traction.

Heavy Duty Textured Slip-Resistant Concrete Coating System

25-year limited warranty
against peeling or delaminating.
4 layered floor system.
1-4 day process.

  • Mechanically Diamond Grind/Sand flat areas to remove dirt, old paint, stains and open pores so product can adhere.
  • Repair and fill all cracks and holes.
  • Apply 1 Coat of Super Bonding Polyurethane Base Coat (Layer #1)
  • Manually Broadcast rubber granules into basecoat until rejection (Layer #2)
  • Apply our LRB Liquid Rubber Membrane for additional thickness and waterproofing protection (Layer#3)
  • Apply Colored top coat Sealer for added UV protection and additional durability (Layer #4)
  • Aluminum oxide grit added for additional traction.

Color Solutions

Choose from a range of decorative chip flakes to match your exterior and boost your property value.

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